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We are specializing in Industrial Design, mechanical engineering, styling, UI/UX and production. We are located in Canada, Toronto.  KD product design and engineering founded by the Industrial designer expert Dmitry Krivitsky, who has over a decade of professional design experience and holds a Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel degree.  

With wide knowledge and experience, we provide the opportunity to small companies and startups,  to launch their own product.

We create products in the physical and digital realms - from new brand identities to tangible products. We believe that everything can be reimagined and redesigned, for better user experience and for a more sustainable future. 


We are open-minded but yet very critic we are research people but we don't get lost, to solve we use different approaches, try new combinations, we brake old fashioned beliefs and create new standards. 

We have a wide experience in working with realistic budgets and manufacturing restraints, which allows us to promote functional design solutions.

We are committed to our clients by consultancy service during each and every step of the design process.

Meet The Team


Dmitry Krivitsky

Owner and Briliant designer


Olga Krivitsky

Buisness Developer

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