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concept exploration and sketching.

​Based on the requirement list we begin with research which will focus on different aspects, such as competitive products, ergonomic considerations, user experience, user interface, internal components, OEM parts, manufacturing processes, manufacturing suppliers, assembly, packaging etc. then we continue to design thinking workshops and brainstorming sessions. When enough information is gathered we create a work schedule. 

During the sketching stage, we explore the visual concepts of potential solutions. Concept exploration will guide our sketches in shapes, colors and other issues and inspire us during our sketches. We propose 3 concept directions in a 2D digital presentation for client review. When a direction is chosen, the sketching stage ends with the approval of one concept direction.  


User Interface design is what gives a user the first impression of your website or app, therefore the very first visual sight is the most important and determinating. 

Our great experience In UI through the years combined with the industrial design experience allows us to create a very deep and strong understanding of IA and to design a better UX which is smooth and coherent.

Prototyping and 3D modeling

when the concept approved the project will shift to the next step of 3D modeling. At this stage, every part and assembly of parts is designed towards a particular manufacturing process. Mounting points, structural ribbing, panel overlaps, color, material, hardware, electronics, mechanical or physical requirements that the project has. 

When the 3D model is ready the project will shift to the next step which is a rapid prototype. Often there are at least two rounds of prototyping and usually, the third one is a fully functioning one. The prototype technique is dependent on quality, time, and functional requirements.

Production definition

By approving the final definitions we shift the project to the next stage where we do the final DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and parts that have been machined by CNC are now prepared for plastic molds. 3D CAD files are sent to each supplier with the exact shape and form of all internal and external details. By the end of this stage, the design is completed and all Design Requirements are verified and documented.

hydraulic press titanium


We believe in design that meets cost and quality therefore, we can provide a wide network of production manufacturing suppliers. We also can work with your suppliers. By choosing our suppliers and vendors we ensure that all specifications and procedures are met and followed.

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